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Avoid Contamination by Using Polyethylene Bags for In Vitro Cultures

Garner US Enterprises, Inc. in Willis, Texas, provides polyethylene bags for in vitro cultures. Keep tissue cultures free from contamination by using the Star*Pac® Culture Container. This is also an effective system for plant micropropagation. Contact our Breathable Culture Transport Bags specialists for all your Breathable Culture Transport Bag needs across the USA and internationally .

Tissue Sample Shipping Container

Gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Ethylene, and Oxygen are easily transmitted through the Star*Pac® Culture Container. Because the Star*Pac® polyethylene bag is semi-permeable rather than porous, microorganisms, even as a virus, cannot pass through a Star*Pac® Culture Container. These bags are sealed to form test tube-like pouches and have many applications, including:

  • Plant Micropropagation
  • Germplasm Preservation
  • Bacterial and Fungal Cultures (Pseudomonas, Rhizobium, etc.)
  • Plant Transportation
  • Retail Packaging of Many Varieties of Live Material and Foodstuffs

Significant Cost Savings

Since their introduction in 1988, gas-permeable, heat-sealable, polyethylene bags for in vitro culture provide a potentially useful alternative to tubes, jars and boxes. Other than providing a significant cost savings, other benefits include:

  • Reliable & Recyclable
  • Reduced Culture Room Cost
  • Space Saver
  • Prolonged Culture Storage
  • Easy & Economical for Shipping Living Materials
  • Accelerated Growth Rates & Increased Yields
    Demonstrated by Many Plant Varieties
  • Total Automation Capabilities

Feature Benefits

  • Enhanced Protection from Contamination
  • Increased Growth Rates
  • No Requirements for Sterile Culture Room
  • No Requirement for Expensive Glass Containers or the Incurrence of Replacement
  • Cost Due to Breakage
  • No Labor Cost Associated with Cleaning and Sterilizing Containers for Reuse
  • An increase in the Number of Plantlets from a Culture
  • A Reduction by Approximately One-Half the Amount of Required Media in Each Culture
  • The Elimination of the Requirement of Strict Humidity Control in the Culture Room
  • An Increase in the Number of Cultures That Can Be Produced in the Same Size of
  • the Autoclave
  • An Increase in the Number of New Cultures That a Laboratory Technician Can Establish

E-Mail now for Star*Pac®, the autoclavable growth and transport container that breathes yet retains moisture.