Tissue Culture


dissectIn Vitro Plant Collection

In Vitro (testube) culture of plants at NGGR- Corvallis serves several important functions, this method provides an efficient means of preserving large numbers of plant clones in a small space, at temperatures just above freezing, these plants require little maintenance for a year or more, these miniature plants do not need water, fertilizer or sprays, In Vitro culture of plant Meristem is also an important step in the elimination of viruses from infected plants.

Plants in this sterile environment, free of insects and most diseases, can be readily shipped to scientist throughout the world, approximately 1500 growing plants are presently stored at 4 degrees Celsius, storage life ranges from 1.5 to 4 years, research is underway to optimize the growing media and environmental conditions for culturing the repository


Web Adapted Powerpoint presentations:

In Vitro pear trees growing in a heat-sealed plastic culture bag.