Keep Your Tissue Cultures Contamination Free with Star*Pac® Polyethylene Bags

Use polyethylene bags for in vitro culture from Garner US Enterprises, Inc. in Willis, Texas. In addition to plant micropropagation, Star*Pac® bags are useful for a variety of medical applications.3

Prevent Contamination

Star*Pac® gas-permeable bags provide a barrier to laboratory and personnel contamination for the growth of pathogenic bacteria on solid media and prevent contamination of cultures including carbon dioxide requiring cell and tissue cultures. Gases readily permeate the patented plastic film bags while microorganisms including viruses do not.

Other Medical Applications

  • Incubation of Bacterial Culture Plates and Eukaryotic Cell Culture
  • Safe Incubation of Culture Plates Outside of BL3 Containment for Biohazardous
  • Agents
  • Spill and Aersol Barrier for Clinical Handling of Pathogenic Plate Cultures
  • Maintaining 5% CO2 Specification Standards in Clinical Isolation of Mycobacteria
  • Reducing Evaporation in Long Term Tissue and Agar Plate Cultures
  • Physical Barrier to Cross-Contamination and Mycoplasma in Forced Air CO2
  • Incubators
  • Compliance with 1995 CDC Standards for Safe Handling of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Plating efficiency and growth of mycobacteria from sputum on agar is directly dependent on ambient carbon dioxide concentration – parafilm seal tape is not gas permeable.

More about Star*Pac™

Star*Pac® culture chamber is made of a semi-permeable and translucent membrane that allows light transmission and gas exchange, but seals out the biological contaminants in the ambient environment.
The membrane forms a plurality of cellules that contain the tissue sample and media. The chamber is sealed so as to completely enclose and seal the tissue. The membrane is a high-density polyethylene material that is translucent, permeable to gases and impermeable to liquids.

Increase Growth Rates

This membrane, having interstices smaller than the size of a virus, but large enough for gas exchange while allowing light to pass completely through will increase growth rates. This and photosynthesis, are available in greater quantities than when the process is carried out in glass tubes or plastic containers that impede gas exchange. This membrane has the characteristic of withstanding the required temperatures and pressures of an autoclave for sterilization without melting or distending.

Ideal Environment

Star*Pac® membrane is an ideal environment in which to grow seedlings or even entire plants. It is also a cost savings when shipping to other countries since the plastic bags are lightweight and pass through customs quicker.

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